5+ Best Band Saws Reviews In 2019

Shopping of the saw is the future investment which helps to comes true your dream. You invest a handsome amount on it and in return you want the best, but it is only possible when you select the best one and you know well about its feature and working style.

The project type also demands the specific feature is a tool to make the product quality good. The brands always launch the best tools in the market on a different pattern, it is up to you which model is meet your need.

5+ Best Band Saws Reviews In 2019

Our review is based on the different experienced opinion and on survey reports, before the selection, you just read out this article and it helps your which bandsaw is best for your projects and it has all those features which you want to have in the selected bandsaw.


1. Grizzly Industrial G0555X – 14″ 1-1/2 HP Extreme Series Bandsaw

band saw


Grizzly G0555LX saw is at the top of the site due to its unique features. This band saw has blade length is 93.5 inches, width is (min1/8, max ¾) inches with blade speed is 1800-3100 FPM, table tilt (R/L, 45/10). Its working power is about 1hp. Its shipping weight is about 246 approximately.

Its table length is 14-inch by 14-inch and its frame is a cast-iron that makes it strong. Its stand is rigid and solid that bears a lot of pressure and can’t warp or bend. Its wheels also cast iron make it precise. This feature makes it too easy to operate.

Round About 13 ½ inches is Cutting Range with Average width and 6 inches long Length. It’s made iron with other platforms like wheels that makes it attractive. It’s safe in use and easy to operate without any hesitation. Its solid structure makes it valuable to customers. In marking these features makes it attractive and fancy.

Its motor has 1 hp and 11-amp power. This model is heavy in the market, it’s cutting structure is well. Its table tilt helps to cut precisely and efficiently and wood-working is quite well. This tool makes the project very well. Its weight makes the problem in working if they start once then it is difficult to move from one place to another.

There are some points that make down its value. It is too expensive, difficult to work on it and its only work at the workshop. For heavy-duty projects, this saw is best but for house-based projects, it is too expensive financial. 

Its structure is not quite easy and it is not easy to operate but it’s setting quite pretty. Grizzly made this saw cheap but in reality, it’s not too cheap. Well, there is working on it. Its drawback is its motor power that is 1 hp only that is not enough for performing the heavy-duty or big project.

The customer invests on it to deal with large projects. But its this makes its value down that is a bad impact on its marketing. But its cutting feature is quite well making it reliable and precise. No doubt it is a unique piece of equipment that makes it number 1.

There is another feature is workbench is absent in this model. For working on it there is need a stand r workbench. But all the flaws create confusion about its but its unique feature made it valuable. 


2. JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

delux band saw



The 2nd one is FoX W1715 in the list, this saw is grey and white in color that makes it’s pretty and attractive in looking and additional feature stands along with it. It has 28-inches by 29-inches by 77-inches that makes it stand. It is smarter than the Grizzly model in looking as well as in working.

It’s motor power is approximately 1and fourth horsepower, blade length and width are 105-inches(min/mas;1/8-3/4), its blade speed is 1500/3000FPM. Its weight is app.260 pounds, table tilt is about 45/10 degrees from right to left. 

Its cast-iron frame makes it versatile and it can deal with delicate woodwork. Its high-tension spring design increased its power and easy to handle. Its built-in smart way and storage the space that makes it cool and unique. It’s less the work-bench space and it is so manageable. 

The working performance is increased year by year. It has 5-years warranty. It deals the material with 13 ½ inches wide and 12-inches thick. Its set up system is working so precisely. Its blade makes the fine and sharp cuts, cutting capacity makes it impressive. 

The safety feature makes it perfect; it has a blade guard on the saw that avoids an accident while working on it. This feature makes its value high. Blade structure is reliable, guard blade is along with blade that is a handsome feature, reduce the space and protect from the injury.

This feature makes it manageable and avoids creating a mess and there is no chance a single piece missed from it. This tool performs heavy-duty projects and easily manage professional and long-term work/projects. Its upper and lower ball bearing guides and easy to set-up system makes it convenient and precise in use.

The stand has cabinets that make the pretty space for extra things. Its construction is very well and reliable and makes the space for the foot while working on it use your feet without any hesitation.

There are drawbacks of the Jet is the financial point it is too expensive than Grizzly G0555XL. Well, its other unique qualities make it valuable. But there are some flaws heavy to move around and there is rip fence is absent that is a need to buy itself. Its tension is not suitable for all type’s blades.

If you are looking with all these qualities that are mentioned above with cheap price is not possible, it is on 2nd rank due to its price. Financial investment is applied to Grizzly because it is coming to customer range.


3. WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, 10″

Wen Speed band saw


WEN 3962 model is cheapest in price range, it is in an affordable range. But dollar value, as well as qualities, are taken into account. Due its price is at 3rd ranked in the list. This band size has 13-3/4-inches in length, 15-3/4-inches in width and 25-1/4 -inches in height.

The blade size is 72-inches and blade width are (min/max:1/8-1/2) that make it versatile. Its blade allows to cut any material up to 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch. The blade speed is 1520/2620 FPM (feet per minute) its table tilt from right to left 45 degrees that make it allow any material work on its a different angle. 

This is the best benchtop model of a band saw with affordable budge. This model performs DIY projects or simple projects. This is called best affording item/model. This saw has stood and affordable it has 3-in-1 dust porthole that keep the workbench clean and keep the mess and reduce the dust.

It’s precise in working and have a powerful motor. It is best for light/ smaller projects like household projects. It has 2-years warranty that is plus point and this policy is pretty good. It is important for power equipment. If you see any problem with the tool then you return back to the company without any hurdle.  

The downsides also exit with this model its control button/option does not work quite well once it set then it works efficiently but it shifts then it stops working and create trouble, makes worker unhappy and irritated. It has a two-speed motor and if speed changed then belt first remove and then readjusted.

This process is hectic and irritating. Its initiating process is difficult. It takes time for starting. Its control system is poor in working and hypersensitive and need frequently jerk. Its overall structure is not beautiful. 


 4.  Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch

rikon band saw


The Rikon 10-305 is 4th at the ranking list. This saw has an open stand and is weaker than other models due to its low motor power that is only 1/3 hp. It offers the blade speed of 2.780 FPM. The blade length and width are 70-1/3-inches and (min/max:1/8-1/2).

The frame table tilt is (R/L:45/0) degree allowing to work on it from any direction is best for it. It has a feature like dust port of 2-in-1/2 inch that makes the workbench clean and get the mess. 

Its weight is about 76 pounds that are lightest. Its size is perfect for a home workshop, the best benchtop saw in the market. There is no enough space to convert it into stand position from the benchtop. For this purpose, stand to buy separately. One best thing about this model is its price.

According to financial status is manageable and affordable with five years warranty that is excellent for this. If there is any problem arise during 5-years limited time then you complain to a company for compensation. 

Flaws about Rikon is reported about its very low power that is compared with others model in the market. With this power, big projects can’t handle with the model, but if you are done with it then products are very poor that makes you touchy and sad.

There is another feature is an addition of stand and there is no safety back up in this equipment. Its tilt tables are difficult to adjust. Its blades have not enough speed to perform multiple projects.

5. SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

9 inches band saw


SKIL 3306-01 is at 5th ranking and it is unique about its black and red color. Its small and light-weighted equipment and have a pretty handful of features that makes it quite well. If you looking up for cheapest and less space taken tool then this model is perfect because it fulfills all requirement. 

There is no need to buy extra sitting bench just sit on the bench that is available there and perform the action. Its feature is standardized. Its power is 0.4 hp. Its size just 30-40 pounds that is very lightest and it is quite easy to work there.

Its blade length is about 59 and 1/2 -inches, width is (min/max:1/8-3/8) and speed is 2800FPM. Table tilt from right to left is (45/0) degree. Its blade has 9-inches capacity for cutting for small projects. With 2.5-amps power of the motor that is according to its size and type.

It has dust port that function keep clean the workbench clean and keep dust and help to minimize the mess. It has a rip fence, miter gauge that makes sure work is done precisely and in a convenient way. It cuts the material maximum to 3-1/2-inches and it is best for small project/job.

The downside of Skil is, this model is not made for large projects. It has a flimsy blade guide and its blade is not strong enough to cut hard/solid material. Its power system is so weak and risky. There is no safety system. This model just working for house-based jobs.


6. Powermatic PWBS-14CS Woodworking Bandsaw


Powermatic band saw



Powermatic PWBS-14CS is a smart and versatile band saw with a large table divided into two pieces, this is difficult to handle. Its control system is easy and its blade can adjust into multiple sizes. Its system is too easy and quick changing of blades is quite easy. It is an eco-friendly tool.

This model can be used for DIY projects, house-based projects and for woodwork. The extra feature of this model is the halogen lamp(60-watt) that makes it modern and updated, model. This lamp is fitted at the top of the model and its light directly fall on the blades and bright the area of the blade, so can you can easily what happens there. 

This model has motor power is 1-1/2 hp with blade length is 93-1/2 inches, blade width (min/max:1/8-3/4) inches. Its blade speed is 3000 FPM and table tilt from right to left is 45/10 degree any material cuts from any direction. Its weight is 178 pounds, heavier model, due to its large table, there is no need for assembling. It has 5-years warranty.

This model is available with lowest price and high weight. This is solid equipment in the market and can perform home jobs and some professional task. Due heavyweight it is difficult to move from one place to another. It’s operating and assembling system is confusing so it takes a while for initiating the system.

Its large table has some drawbacks like it creates problem in working and management. Alignment of this model is quite difficult.

Band Saw Points to consider for buying perfect mechine

Above discussion shows that all models are best in their uses and qualities. Designer and companies made these models according to the requirements of customers. However, all models are not the same there are some flaws are always exciting because of its natural fact.

It’s up to you which one is model best for you. There are a lot of questions and confusions in mind before purchasing any tool. This segment contains all the answer to your doubts.  

Size of band saw

This is a valid question, what size is suitable for our projects. According to the size of the project of the saw are selected, for example, 18-20 inches equipment is suitable for large/professional projects and 14-inches size is suitable for DIY or home-based projects.

The size of the tool depends on its working power. Its working power and size make it versatile and unique. There are different sizes of saws are available, you will select it according to your need. You select the best size that will perform the best operation.

The different reported shows the best size of the saw is 12-inches. Mostly woodwork is done on 12-inches size saw.

Value to money

The image is the power tool is expensive and somehow it is correct but there are in some case the user purchase very costly tool but after some time it shows problem and issues that are not acceptable. The shopping value is if you buy some tool or spending money on a tool then you in return the tool has some serious technical fault, it makes no sense.

One thing keeps in mind while purchasing tool is the quality of a saw matter, not price if tool gives great performance than there is no waste of money. Sometimes, with the lowest price, the tools are good in performance. So, it is not making a sense, if the tool is expensive, it is good in performance. We just focus on the features of a tool like cutting ability, durability, stability, blades types, etc. then price point comes.


In the band saw the single blade is in used and give precise and sharps cut. But in this condition, the machine is under stress and it affects the product quality and gives poor performance. To overcome this situation put some strains on blades that are helping to makes the descent and correct cuts.

In the short life period of the blade, it gives the high performance and increases your product quality in a short time.

What are the right materials?

Materials that are used for cutting also affect product quality. Some band saws have the texture of iron cast which have the capability to control the tough material without down the quality. If the texture of the saw is made of iron or steel then it works a long time without any problem.

There is a list of materials is used in the making of saw-like steel or aluminum bodies give the poor performance while bargain units have partly plastic body. The iron casting frames do a better job and it work in stress conditions, makes the precise cuts. Vibrations are unhealthy for a tool it directly affects the product quality and reduces the life span of a machine.

For best quality product the important feature is the blades and which types of blades are used and which thing control it. In-band saw the blades are controlled by ball bearings, it reduces the strain from the blade and increases the lifespan of the blade.

Ease of use during work load

Some machines give the manual script for use, in some cases, you just click the start button, dictate it and start working. But in some case machine require the special protocol for the working machine and there are different steps are involved in its working. It is such a painful work and it gives the stress to the user and he may be frustrated.

The main issue of the band saw it is the change of blade, if you deal with different types of cutting material then you sometime later you must change the blade and you start the work again. Changing the blade system such a headache of the user, it is wastage of time, decrease the product quality and delay the project. All these factors are enough for a customer to make him frustrated.

If the blade changing system is easy and quick then the work is done in a smooth speed and complete the project on time.

Power of band saw

Power plays a vital role in the performance of a machine. Normally the motor power for working is 1-1/2 hp but if the hard material is used for cutting then the power of material increases 2-1/2 to 3 hp range. If the power of a machine is 220 volts then it the weird speed and need a special supply.

If the power supply is weak then the cuts are not fine and product quality is low, and if the material is hard, the product quality just ruined. However, the motor is weak, it makes the cuts but it requires time for working. If the power is strong, it saves the time consuming and give high performance.

Base Quality

There is a variety of features that are involved in making the precise and exact cut. Among these features, the base of the bandsaw is most important and it has sub-division like a floor, open, closed, and penal. 

The floor base it covers the lower parts of the bandsaw like wheels and the stability of tool is dependent on the base especially floor base which holds the body of the tool in a stable position. The floor base of the bandsaw is made by metal which the solid base decreases the vibrations and keeps it in a stable form.

The closed base texture is metal box and on it the saw is fit. It is above the floor base and it helps to keep the accessories that are used in the cutting of wood. It also acts like store place and contains extra blades, adjustable tools or anything like this and it is cover by a door, keeps the things safe. It also helps to reduce the vibrations and keep the tool in its place.

Among the sub division of the base is the open base also which support the four legs although it is connected and support the band and somehow it touches the ground. The open base just helps to connect the legs and there is no more stress of loading things and it is not involved in the absorption of the vibration and helps to keep the saw in a stable form.

The last one base portion is panel base which combines the open and closed base. Like the open base, it also helps to connect the four legs that are generally made by metal or plastic panels, and have not enough capacity to bear the load but it helps to lift up the load. Reduction of vibrations and keep the bandsaw in stable form like these features are missing in the panel based.

Portability makes the tool valuable and expensive and it is only possible if the wheel is present. It helps to move from one place to another where a user wants to work on it and it reduces the expenses of transport or extra features like the wheel stand is bought separately. Wheels are compatible with the movement of the machine and in the market mostly bandsaw comes with the wheels.

Riser blocks

Sometimes, the user wants to buy such a tool which is perfect in every aspect, but it is not possible as the thickness capacity of the bandsaw is not enough. It is the distance between the table and blade guard and it helps to maintain the maximum height.

Meanwhile, it is not present in a bandsaw and it creates problems in the working of the bandsaw. So, to overcome this flaw manufacturer helps to add an additional feature called “riser block”. It helps to increase the thickness capacity while added the frame between table and upper wheel case, it is costly and its $100 and increase the height up to a foot.

If some new feature installed in a machine then it requires to maintain the other part of the machine that helps it to increase the product like in the case of bandsaw addition of riser block need also increase the length of the blade equally. As they are working together, and make the saw costly in this way.

Compatibility of saw is very important but if the saw loses the compatibility then the saw is not in the working state and it affects the product quality. As above mention if the new feature installed then the maintenance of a saw is compulsory like the riser block is also the same company from which this bandsaw is launched. One more thing blade is run through the riser block, and if the blade is covered with proper guides or blade guider then the saw run in a steady form and increase the product quality. 

Table tilt

Table tilt helps to make the deep cuts and maintain the depth of cuts. Generally, the tool has the ability of table tilt up to 45 degrees in one direction. While working on the saw if the table tilt is working in one direction the cutting of material in the opposite direction. Middle of the road saws also working in one direction but to some extent usually 10 degrees change the direction and it helps to save the time and effort well. 

Mostly saws give the best performance at the 45 degrees in one direction and it is not possible to makes the cut in whatever direction because of the saw work in one direction.


Concluding portion, we just want to educate you about the latest and upgraded models of the bandsaw and which features are up to date. You just know which model meets your need, which saw give you maximum performance and increase the product quality and you feels your decision is good.

There are the top models are listed out in which the JET JWBS-14DXPRO is best in every way like capacity and power. Grizzly G0555LX due to it firstly introduce the dust collector. WEN 3962 is used to perform the heavy-duty projects and it’s working style is complicated. Rikon 10-305 is best for home-based or DIY projects and its ability to handle the lighter work and for heavy projects it is not suitable. 

This review helps to make the right decision and you just read our review and buy the bandsaw without any hurdle and you feel relaxed. You do not need read the dozens of articles and net searching just have look on this review and select the best. 




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