Top 5 Best Hybrid Table Saws In 2019


1. Shop Fox W1819 – Top Pick

Shop Fox W1819 is the most trendy and versatile hybrid saw, it performs DIY projects and professional projects as well. Some new and quite unique features are helps to make it at the top of the list. It is a perfect piece with professional specification. The overall cast by iron trunnions that gives the solid look to the saw.

Casual and professional work is done with great efficiency. The model is shipped in more than one box, as it a trendy model polish iron cast table, wings and extension give a stunning look. The working style is quick and easy, and knife, blades gauge may assemble in such a way that make it versatile in its performance.

T-fence system give it the extra support while dealing with tough material, T-slot with anodized fence extension and flip stop give the durability and stability in its performance, give precise and accurate cuts. With the point of safety there is magnetic switch that covers the overload of the work and manage it with great efficiency.

The key point of this saw is motor power that is 3 hp and it perform high professional activities. Generally, it enough for saw for dealing the heavy-jobs. The cutting angle will be adjusted according to the requirement.

The range of angle should be 0-45 degree and you may cut from different direction with accurate manner. These all the features make it outstanding saw and if you want fine work then Shop Fox W1819 will be preferable.


2. LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion – The Runner-up

The Laguna Tools Fusion is outstanding in working with marvelous features. However, it is not great in handling big projects but it is best in regards the DIY projects. The motor power of this hybrid saw is 1.75 HP and shipped with 240 pounds weight, this power is enough for performing the light jobs and makes the sharp and fine cuts.

There is list of features that make it perfect like easy to change blades without any hurdle, built-in mobility kit that give a new standard of working and quick release riving knife. The safety features also installed in it and eco-friendly give it unique style and makes it trendy.

With the dimensions of Laguna Tools Fusion table saw is 35 x 20 x 27 inches, handle the small project in an accurate manner. Additional features like easy to assemble, easy to use and safety measures also account while working on it. The dust collection function works in unique way and helps to keep the table clean and make sure it is healthy for user.

Overall, these factors make it suitable for home-based or DIYers projects. Th price of this model is perfect and the warranty given on the demand of user. The flaws points are not working for professional projects and the body structure made by plastic that give it poor support.

3. Shop Fox W1837 – Best for the Money

This model is best for money with important features that are crucial for working of a saw. This brand launches this model with reasonable price in market by saving the bank of user and give good quality product. However, this model is not best for heavy-duty projects but it is suitable for those who are lover of hobbyist projects.

The motor power of Shop Fox W1837 hybrid table saw is approximately 2.0 HP that is enough for handling the home-based projects. The features and working style are simple and unique, the body structure of this model is unique and cool in looks.

The mobility of this model made it perfect, and easy to transport from the workshop to the work spot.
This hybrid table saw offers the outstanding features for dealing the project, the dust collection system is cool and helps to keep clean the working spot and helps to maintain the health status of user by absorbing the dust particles that are harmful for user.

This model is combo of traditional and cabinet saw and give new stylo look to the saw. Safety features like introduce the anti-kickback pawl which prevents from accidental situation. The dimensions of 58 x 38 x 36 inches of this model are perfect for dealing the lightest project and shipped with 260 pounds.

The working power of this model is 2HP with single phase 120 V and give the precise-ground cast iron table with steel wings. The rip capacity of this model is 30″ to right, 15″ to left with rear locking ability. If you want to save your bank and buy that model which fulfil your demands then this model is best for you need.

4. Woodtek 159665

Some models are lunched in market as not for regular use, may be used for some times in temporary replacement. This model is perfect for this type of job. Shipping of this model with 280 pounds and the working power is 2HP that is enough for working on small projects and give accurate and precise cuts.

Generally, this hybrid model is suitable for dealing home-based project, the body of structure lower the value as the legs of this model is wobble and the base extension makes its top heavy that is not perfect for stability. This structure is not helping to maintain the stability that is very important for the durability of the saw.

The financial status of this model is very high in regards its performance on an average. This best for part time jobs or dealing with home-based projects.

5. RIDGID R4512

This model the at the bottom of the list due to its performance, and it is not a well-known brand. The motor working power is 13 AMP that give the 3450 RPM that is perfect for dealing the heavy-duty jobs. The mobility makes it best, for transport there is two fixed wheels.

The product quality is not satisfied and the technical issues are there that give the low performance.
The body structure of this model is made by iron cast that helps to reduce the number of vibrations. Front and back clamping aluminum rip fence give extra-large glides to provide precise and smooth adjustment along the rail.

Built-in accessory slots for installing auxiliary fences that support large work pieces. The working style of this model is very tricky and rough, it takes a time for start and work in a steady way. The precise cuts are not making by this model. The financial status of this model is very high and the performance of this model is not match with price.

Buying Guide

To choose the best equipment is a very tricky and hard work, in markets different brands launches the tools or saws in different price range and in unique quality. To select the best saw that is perfect for your project is very confusing but our review helps to meet your desired one that is according to your choice.

There is variety of different hybrid table saw, some are portable and handyman saw. The main feature of this saw is cabinet and there are safety features are installed which helps to maintain the health of the user.


Motor power makes the saw is perfect for professional or DIY projects. Usually the motor power is 1.5HP to 1.75 HP range is perfect for home-based projects. There is range of power that is perfect for professional or normal project like 2.0 HP or 4.0 HP is best for performing the heavy-duty projects.


Safety features makes the saw is perfect and cool for working and it helps to maintain the working level perfect and healthy. According to the safety measures the two features are very important like a blade guard and a riving knife. Blade guard helps to resist the kickback, that keep the saw in a stable form and riving knife is also important. Power button should be at the nearest point and easy to access of user in accidental condition and there is a padlock also installed.


The working style makes the hybrid saw different and unique in use, reduce the uses effort and give the best output. The belt drive is mostly considered is the best way for working of a saw, in this option the blade is not directly connect with motor and helps to maintain the environment of the working area is cool and clean by reducing the dust particles. The other option of is direct drive and the blade is connected directly with motor. The belt drive needs to replace the belt regularly otherwise it produces the irritating voice.

Size and ease of handling

Hybrid table saws are available in different and unique size, shapes and structure. The important factor is its weight because in certain conditions to move it from works hope to working place. If the handling of this saw is not easy then it may create problem while transportation and reduce the product quality.

The infrastructure of the hybrid saw is very unique and compact, it provides the extra cabinet and assist to deal with long and large planks of wood. For portability the wheels are attached which helps to move in a smooth manner without making irritating sounds.


Dust is very critical and crucial factor for the health of user, to overcome the risk dust blower pump is installed in hybrid table saw. The basic principle of this saw is to keep the work area clean, tidy and healthy. The dust allergens are very dangerous for the health of user and may lead to serious health issues. So, this feature covers all these flaws and ensure the workplace is healthy and clean.


The concluded portion describes which hybrid saw is best for professionally projects and for DIYers. The Shop Fox W1837 is best for financial status and for the best quality product and efficient in making the sharps and unique cuts the Shop Fox W1819. The main purpose of this review helps to make the good decision and save the time. This list contains the highly recommended saws that are practically proved and makes the product quality best.

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