Top 5 Best Jigsaws To Buy In 2020

We live in a real-world, to select the best one Machine is a tricky task but in the High-Tech world is not difficult as well. In marketing, several brands launch the best Jigsaw Reviews, Buyer Guide, equipment, and each brand claims he is the best, now in this situation to select the pick one is a difficult task.

Top 5 Best Jigsaws Reviews In 2020

To overcome all this confusion, we do best for the contractor to choose the best jigsaw which meets their need. But in some cases, to read the stuff like a dozen of reviews is such a painful act. In this review, we select the Ideal brands and give a comprehensive note on the jigsaw.

You just have look and make the right decision. You just go to the market and have look at all the brands and choose the best. Our review gives details about the latest and updated tools and gives you all the answer to your questions that comes in your mind.

1. Bosch JS470E Jigsaw – Top Pick


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Bosch JS470E is a top of list handle Jigsaw. Bosch is an outstanding brand and this brand provide the out-class equipment. It is a German company and their outlets are all across Europe. This is a powerful tool with a high speed of motor 7.0amp. it is suitable for professional jobs and for DIYers also.

The casting of the jigsaw is with aluminum, makes the cut through any wood and makes the precision cuts. Convenient in use because it has bladed less system and within seconds the blades will be changed. The working system of this tool is compact and so cool while working on this tool speed is constant and smoothly work is done without any problem.

It’s cutting ability is about 5 ⅞ inch through any wood, handle heavy-duty jobs easily and make the job perfect.

This brand provides the best piece with high-efficiency workability, a handle jigsaw a size approximately 10.1 Ibl. This model provides a package of accessories with the blade-less system and this feature makes it perfect for this job.

Blades changing is too risky and time-consuming so this tool replaces this with the bladeless system, working on this equipment you only need to hit the ejection button blade system will be stopped. This action prevents any accident.

The tool in use convenient with a bladeless change system and blade ejection is a quick system made it cool and attractive. It performs 4 in 1 action, has four orbital toolsets that make it unique and convenient for smooth cutting.

The control system is also special and you just touch the control button and system/blades stop suddenly. Bosch installed the security system in its tool with high efficiency with steel and aluminum casting tray/frame. It has a handful of accessories with a hard caring case.

Its financial status is reasonable and it has extra features and accessories. The speed system is divided into two ways one is speed dial and the other one is accelerator which controls the speed according to the need. If you cutting the thick wood then you need the speed with variable range.

The body structure is designed in a special way to control the vibrating of the machine while working on it. The flaw or the minus feature of it is LED light because it visualizes the blade and directs the cutting position. But its high profile system compensates these flaws.


2. DEWALT DCS331B JigSaw – Great Cordless Pick


dewalt jigsaw



Cordless jigsaw is from the DeWalt brand with versatile designed and unique features. However, it is different from Bosch JS470E but if you want portability then it is perfect. This is the American brand and provides the perfect tools as quality-wise.

This model has keyed less blade system and bevel setting at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees and easily to make cuts from different directions, 20V power with 3000 SPM. The cutting ability is about 1 ½ inch with lightweight about 6 lbs.

The super easy in use in a convenient way and easy to change the blade. The control system is quite easy just press the control button and the system immediately stops at the blade brake stop and makes the precision cuts.

This tool has a metal lever-action keyless blade that is a cool feature with this model. It is lightweight and its system is so high as quality-wise if one blade is damaged or broke then you only need to change that blade, not all the cutting system.

The speed control system is quite the same as the previous one but you can not need the same speed or all projects.

You need variable speed and for this model0-3000 SPM makes good sounds. If you want to perform little heavier jobs then this tool is perfect due to the versatile features that make it loveable and has a steel body that made it durable.

A health issue may arise while working on it because it is not eco-friendly. The dust is blowing in the air that not good for the health of the labor. This causes eye infection and damages the lungs to rid out of this problem the dust port is essential.

The battery and charger are buying separately. There is no LED with this model and only the T-shank blade is worked. For a wider range, the Bosch one is the first and best choice.


3. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 – Best Jigsaw for the Money


portable jigsaw



You want the best quality product then you also find the tool is long lasted and use it according to your needs. It is difficult to the fined piece that according to your needs and comes to your financial status. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 is a sophisticated jigsaw and it comes to your financial status.

The motor power is 6-amp corded with 3200 SPM and the cutting-quality is 3 ⅓ inch. This tool shipped at 4.5 pounds that is lighter than the DeWalt model and it has a table along with it. It has a dial with seven-position that allows working on it from any direction because its bevel is 45 degrees.

There a variety of materials that can be done through it without any obstacle.
The use of the tool is very easy and control it without any problem like it has front and handles that is covered with a rubber over-mold grip.

This feature makes it comfortable in use. There is no need to continuously press the control button you just need to press the button once and make the long stretch without any brake.

You can enjoy work with the deal with this equipment at a fair price. While it missing some features but it is durable and reliable in use and deal for best medium load jobs. For light work, r stripped down the local /basic tool is best and that is not another this is a Porter CablePCE345 is fit. The 7-position dial makes it solid for working and there is no matter which material is used.

The four-orbital setting makes it perfect for light load jobs. If you want to work for some hour, usually the local saws are making the problem and the worker feel tired sooner but in this case, the tool makes the smooth working.

The tool delivers high power and gives a maximum product with fine cutting quality. The blade replacement is a very easy and quick process and the adjustment of a wrench is very easy and it has LED light that makes the blade direction correct and precise.

However, there is no negative point but the control knob and speed button are very close and they may create hurdles with controlling the speed. According to some surveys, there are some problems but all these low points will be overcome with fair prices.


4. Black & Decker BDEJS300C Jigsaw – On a tight budget

black deckor jigsaw



While sometimes, the customer has no more knowledge about the tools and their properties than the selection of the best tool is a very tough task. Then you just look at these reviews and make the best selection. Well the BDEJS300C is best for your needs, and you can completely trust it because its brand makes the best equipment.

Black & Decker’s JS660 saw is reliable, versatile and convenient in use and you can cut any material. This tool deal with a variety of materials like wood, metal, and plastic with a tool-free blade change system.

Moreover, the best thing that you have seen in this tool is automatic settings, its smart select dial is programmed by seven operations and it can be changed automatically or adjusted itself with accuracy.
The power ability of this saw is 5-amp with 800-3000 SPM.

The cutting ability of wood is ¾ inch with this saw and make the very sharp cuts. The corded jigsaw is weighed 5.8 pounds and makes the cuts with high precision. It has a tool-free blade change system, there is a surprisingly feature is a magnetic blade storage system which protects from accidents and provides the blades in an emergency.

Automatically dial system makes it unique and provides the variable cutting sets.

Unique features with a fair price make it loveable. You make cuts whatever the material is used and it is used for regular woodworks. The smart select system makes it cool, and you deal with any material without any hesitation because jigsaw is durable.

The dust port makes it good for health and removes the dust from the frame, clear the working spot.
The curves make perfectly by this tool and it gives poor results for straight lines. But it is not perfect for professional jobs and it needs frequent adjustment.

There is no security system that only works for U and T-shanks blades. At a time, you only used one blade.

5. SKIL 4230-01 Jigsaw


Single Speed Jig Saw



SKIL 4230-01 Jigsaw is handling to easy and control without any hurdle. Why this model at the las of the list of reviews? There is some reason why it is at the last one, it has lighter blades which do not work perfectly. In regarding the safety there is no dust blower that removes the dust or dust particle from the workbench.

Corded silk model is shipped with 3.9 pounds and it makes the foot tilt at 45 degrees. The special feature of this model is afoot stabilizing system that supports the footplate, shift to forward that helps to start with carefully. The unique feature is of this saw is laser to follow this makes cuts easily in a precise manner. This jigsaw has its on-table storage.

However, there are some faults that make it not good for a professional job. If we start examining the first point its blades that are lighter than other ones and they are not fixed, fall while working on it. When the speed of machine increased the chances of blade breaks are increased and you don’t want to experiment with this like shit.

It is motor power is so week that makes it an extra piece for any woodwork. For example, if you need work this jigsaw with 4.5-amp speed but in actual its power is 3.2 amp that is not enough for doing any projects in a precise manner. Lighter blades and the laser guide is not perfect for working it.

This jigsaw is reliable in use, work in an effective way with the fair price. It has some extra features like laser and on-board blade storage that makes it perfect for common use. For trial purposes, it is good for the customer who knows well about the procedure of the Best jigsaw because it’s working process is so easy and simple. Its low power makes it good for working on wood but not for metals.

Buyer’s Guide

The choice for the right saw is a very tricky and hard job. In the market, there is a variety of saws are available and select the right one which is according to your choice is such a difficult job. To guide select the best one, this review helps to buy the perfect one.

Before, buying a tool/equipment to make sure the selected item is useful. Sometimes, there is a need to use the saw just one time and leave it for these purposes to select the low-price tool. However, if you are confused then read the review which helps you and gives the answer to all your questions.

What’s the Makeup of a Jigsaw Blade?

Jigsaw blade make up is an important feature and it depends upon the material which is used for cutting. The shape of blades and thickness affect the efficiency of the work. There are varieties of the blades are used like all-rounder blades are used for al purposes and deal with all types of materials.

For working with metal then the specific blades are used that is best than all-rounder blades.
The familiar feature of the blades is listed

  • Tungsten carbide
  • High-speed steel
  • Bimetal materials

For ceramic material, the tungsten carbide is the best one for dealing and gives good output. A steel blade is used for dealing with cutting the metal material. The material likes the hardwood and metals are cutting with a bimetallic blade.

The other facts of the blade are teeth per inch TPI, there is a number of TPI are available and adjusted on the basis of their uses. Low TPI is designed for dealing with soft material and high TPI ae perfect for a harder material.

Cranked blades are used to adjust the setback and make flush cuts. Usually, the blade edge is used for cutting the soft material, thin blades make the curves cutting. Pus stroke may damage the top surface of the blade to avoid these strokes.

Can I Get Injured by Using one?

Safety protocol is the first thing taking into account before selection. Risk is always present so there is also a defect in a tool like the SILK model has some defective feature. The safety is related to the blades, maybe in some cases blade is loose or it may break while working on it.

It is necessary for to blades are come with guards; they protect the blades from breakage. So, with the guards, there is safety for working on it. The Black & Decker BDEJS300C is the best model about the safety point but it is not in the budget range.

How Fast Are These Blades?

There is a question of how blades are work with fast speed. There some options on which blades speed depend. Commonly it is known the speed of blade depends on itself or on the blade shapes like curved blades. But in reality, it is depending actually on the motor power of the jigsaw.

According to the list, the Bosch JS470E is ideal for DIY and heavy-duty projects. Its power is 7-amp which is amazing speed for working perfectly. However, there are some technical terms that are also involved in the speed of blades but mainly it the power which is delivered to the blades to increase the speed and make the sharp or fine cuts.

In Physics power is a mathematical form a product of current and voltage like power= current*voltage. The unit of power of speed is amp the Amperes is the unit of currency and the Voltage is the unit of a volt. So, the 7-amp motor power is higher than 3.2amp and definitely, it works better than low power.

The speed setting is another feature of speed power. The speed setting depends upon the material which is used. For performing heavy-duty operations, the higher speed is need. The setting is set according to the job or material. You just push the button and set the speed dial then it works on your dictations/instructions.

What’s Orbital or Pendulum Action?

A pendulum is an additional and unique feature of the jigsaw; it is very important to know about its function. A pendulum is a weight that is hanging at the central pivot and when just push then it moves to and fro from the central point. Their blades move forward/backward at angle 45 mostly, but it is varying according to the material which is used.

The angle setting changed due to the material if the material is thicker then the angle is changed and the work speed is increased. The drawback of the pendulum is when it is working the heat is produce but if it constantly works overheated may damage the blades. So, the precaution is to adjust the angle according to the need.

Is Price Something to Look At?

Price is the main point while shopping for anything and in the case of the jigsaw is also important. Before purchasing any tool, it should have to look which is best for your project and which is the bests one as price.

Bosch JS470E is the top at the list and it is perfect in everything but you need that tool that meets your need. The Black & Decker BDEJS300C is best for budge because it is perfect for dealing with both heavy-duty and light jobs.

Will These Jigsaws Sit Comfortably on My Hands?

The grip on a tool is very important for working, handling is directly affecting the product. The Bosch tool is the handle jigsaw, which is adjusted at the average hand and there is no board.

Its structure is very simple because the many features make it difficult and the product is decreased. JS470E is a model that has a clamping system, which reduces the safety issue while working on it.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

Warranty of any item or thing is an attractive feature for a customer, there is always some technical issues in the manufacturing or any internal issues. The guarantee gives the relaxation to the customer and if service free is added makes it perfect. The shortest warrant limit is 2-years, that is enough for any customer.

What’s the Difference Between A Corded/Cordless Jigsaw?

Cordless jigsaw is connected to the power and they deliver the maximum power to the saw so the saw is working best and increase the product quality and quantity. Above the list mention different types of saws including corded and cordless.

DEWALT DCS331B is the cordless jigsaw as above we discuss this jigsaw is the best and perfect due to its power. It provides more power for performing heavy-duty projects.

Corded jigsaw is used for dealing with the thick material because in this case, more power is supply. It has countless runtimes, in corded cases directly connected to the power and makes the professional projects possible, also corded one lighter than cordless and easy to move from one place to another.

This type of tool handles the trickiest projects. While working on it there is no problem with battery run out and you will work in it without any hesitation for a long hour.

If you want that tool which is adjusted according to work and situation then it is a blessing, you have a perfect one. Cordless is demanding and outclass saw due to its additional feature is portability. Portability makes your work easy and without any hurdle, you move the best place of your work.

This is a remarkable quality of jigsaw but there always some fault exists in a parallel manner to benefits like in this case you need to charge and battery like accessories, this is an expensive tool due to these additional functions. But if there is demand for a house-based project then cordless is the best choice.

Whatever, the jigsaw is used but the main point is motor power, any motor could not provide the maximum time limits and working hours. It recommends working nicely and in a moderate manner. For example, 18 – 20 V is the standard point and the motor works well and gives the maximum product.

This point discusses the which saw is best for professional jobs and which is perfect for house-based or DIYers. As a result, it is clear the corded jigsaw gives the best product for professional or heavy-duty projects. Cordless jigsaw is best in all respect for small projects.

Can A Jigsaw for DIY Work Handle Heavy Duty Projects?

Obviously, it is not possible, if it is correct then why these all brands and models are different from each other in various factors. For DIYer the Black & Decker saw is perfect because in this case, it is fair in price and best in quality and performance.

But if take the works for professional jobs from the saw this not possible, and the same things are not accepted in nature.

What Is SPM?

SPM is pronounced for strokes per minutes and it is for blades. The speed of the blade of the jigsaw is calculated by this feature. 3,000 SPM is observed by a survey is averagely calculated.


In conclusion, we discuss the main point of the above-mentioned saws, it is a tricky way to select the best one but this review helps to make the best decision. The number one brand is Bosch JS470E due to its qualities it provides the maximum power to perform the heavy-duty projects. You will deal with any material while working on it and give the best product.

If you have to look for that tool that comes with your financial budge then PORTER-CABLE PCE345 is best of this purpose. This is according to your financial status with good performance.
This review covers almost all types of brands according to the contractor/Buyer, and discuss all those points that are useful for purchasing the types of equipment.

According to the survey reports we mentioned the Best Jigsaws tools by according to their functions and makes the best selection and you will perform with any type of material which you want.

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