Best Reciprocating Saw To Buy in 2019

Best Reciprocating Saw with their complete specification detailed review. This review will help you to choose the best tool for your needs. If you don’t know about the best reciprocating saw after reading this review you can easily know the drawbacks and different qualities of this tool.

Best Reciprocating Saw To Buy in 2019

Before making a decision, some points keep in mind that the selected tool meets our needs. In a modern world, there is a variety of things are available in the market and which makes us confuse which is the best. This review helps to highlight some features that are necessary to know about it.

1. DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw


Corded Reciprocating Saw


DeWalt is the worthy trusted brand which deals with almost all types of brand and it comes the first number of the ranking and give the best. Although it is costly and not comes in range but its performance and features are just outstanding and cool.

DeWalt DWE305 is reciprocal corded saw with 12-amp power that is enough for any saw to perform the heavy-duty projects with a blade speed of 2900 strokes per minute with 1-1/8 length and this is a very outstanding feature. DeWalt branded saws are tested with a variety of materials and perform very well.

The speed of this saw is easy to control as its dial position is very accurate. This model is handled by hand and it is shipped with only 8-pounds with 17.5 inches in length with and its lever action is keyless blade clamp with 4-position. The handle of this saw is very soft and comfortable in a relaxing position and prevent stress to hand or fingers.

The working style and performance of this saw is level and you can feel relax and comfortable while working on it. DeWalt brand is a reliable and convenient brand you can easily trust in it and it goes with your life. You can feel it is very specific and cool in its working.

2. Makita JR3050T 11-Amp Corded Recip Saw 


makita reciprocating saw


The Makita is another brand that offers the 11-amp motor power corded reciprocal saw. The performance of this saw is very unique and cool, is lightweight. Certain types of materials are used and it deals with builders, roofers, general projects, etc.

it shipped with 7.8 pounds easy to handle and it makes no stress while dealing with and easy to handle by hand in a comfortable position. The blade has a variation in speed like its speed counted from 0-2800 SPM with 1-1/8-inch blade cutting ability. This is a handy model so there is no problem with moving from one place to another.

Dust blower pump is installed internally to clear the dust or debris of the material that is used and keep the environment clean and tidy. This point or feature helps to maintain the health of the user and prevent its lungs by consuming the debris that may lead the serious cause.

Makita is specific for the heavy-duty project to perform an inefficient way. The blade change system is a very stressful step but this model is free from this stress. It comes with a tool-less blade change system. The body of this saw is covered with dual covering one cover the motor while the cover the bearings from dust or debris.

The switch button system is located between the lager two finger space and easy to access to click the on/off button. However, it is not meet the speed or specification of the DeWalt but is it less some points from it.


3. SKIL 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw


skil reciprocating saw


Some models are perfect as for budge after all the project is lead on the financial status. So, if the pocket of the investor is saved from the loss then the project will perform in a steady way. SKIL 9206-02 comes in the market with a fair price range and it is best for a DIY project in every aspect. Somehow it also performs the heavy-duty project as well.

The features are best in a performance like the motor power is 7.5-amp and it is enough for the light project as well as a tough project.  It is shipped with 9-ponds only and easy to grip on it by hand. The style of the working is very unique and cool while working on it, control the vibrations and work in a smooth way.

The dial speed control work very well. The durability of this model is also perfect for handling the heavy-project at a certain position. The blade change system is a tool-less system that saves them time and stress of the user. The speed of the saw is controlled just by clicking the button and change of blade system is quickly done within seconds.

Pivoting foot helps to maintain the speed and cutting position in an accurate manner. There is no need to break your bank for this saw you can easily afford it. However, it is not quite well as DeWalt but somehow it performs in the best way. 


4. Milwaukee 6519-31 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw


Sawzall Reciprocating Saw



Milwaukee Sawzall is a trustworthy brand and you can easily trust on it. It works for a couple of years and keeps updating and provide the best tool saw in the market, their product gives the best performance. 6519-31 Milwaukee also builds on the same principle to overcome the flaws and give the best output to use with high performance.

The power state of this model is very high as required for corded saw 12-amp motor power is enough to perform the heavy-duty project as well. Redlink plus intelligence the system ensures the optimization of performance and increases the power capability, protected from overloading, overheating and over-discharging.

The addition feature installed in it is LED light which helps to visualize the blade and material while makes the cut. The precise and accurate cut is made by the help of light as it prevents the mishandling or distraction. The handle covered with soft rubber and makes a comfortable grip on it. It comes with a fair price in the market. the down point is it is not available with a free blade.

5. WEN 3630 10-amp Reciprocating Saw (Corded)


Reciprocating Saw



WEN 3630 comes at the last of the list due to some factors. Like other Chinese companies that give the best performance with the high-quality product from a decade but in the case of WEN, it is not for more working. This brand is not giving high performance that’s why it is at the bottom of the list.

WEN 3630 this model has a handsome power capability like 10-amp it is enough to perform the light as well as a large project. There is a variation of handling the different types of material 4-1/2 inches of wood and 3/5 inches of a metal handle in an efficient way.

The blade stroke capability is 0-2800 SPM at the 45 degrees with pivoting head features that have 8 different stops to control the speed of this saw. Twist-lock quick-release blade system makes it comfortable and the manual of the working is very simple, it is also coming with a tool-free blade system.

This model has two blade one metal blade and the other one is a wood blade while a soft rubber front handle makes it comfortable for handling and it has a 2-years warranty with service. 

The low point is it not easy to handle, stuck the hand and impact the stress on the user. The vibrations are produced while in working position make it out of handle. The trigger is sometimes stuck and it may lead to a serious issue. generally, it is not recommended for the heavy-duty project.


Reciprocating Saw Power

Power decide which model is best for the heavy project or which gives the high output. Generally, the corded reciprocal saws have motor power range is 5 to 15-amp. If the power supply is more than the project will proceed at high speed and give a good quality product. Low power like 5-amp is best for doing the light project. There is a category of the power that decides which tool perform the heavy-duty project. A construction site requires slightly high motor power.

Reciprocating Saw Consider The Ergonomics

This point is very important for the working of the saw. As the corded reciprocal saws are handle by hand if the stroke is strong and it is difficult to handle then it gives the shock to the user and may lead the serious issue. if the tool is too hot and the handle is covered with plastic and it melted by overheating and cause the skin burnt. There is a variety of handle that is covered with different material like rubber, plastic, soft foam which helps to reduce the chance of the violent of the handle.

Reciprocating Saw Multiple Speed Settings

Speed dial helps to move with sufficient speed and work in a smooth way and make sharp and precise cuts. You just click or dictate the dial and set the speed for the specific task at a specific time and then saw give the high performance. If the speed is controlled in an efficient way then the project complete on time and deliver on time and the product quality also improved. 

Reciprocating Saw Weight

This saw is a handle controlled and easy to move from one place to another place. This is controlled by hand and easy to lift. The weight of this saw is very light, as it is controlled by hand if the weight is more than the hand capacity then it is stressful for the user. As a health point, it may damage the nerve while continually work on it. So, all these points make the saw difficult to handle but if the weight of the saw is light then it is perfect for handling.

Why Corded Difference in Reciprocating Saw

Cordless reciprocating saws are increasing in popularity, but at the same time, corded reciprocating saw by NowTopReview sales are also increasing. In most industries, cordless generally means better, but that’s not the case when it comes to power tools. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing a corded saw over a cordless one.

Cordless and corded are now coming in trends in a parallel way, but the cordless saw is most popular in public. But the fame of corded saw also increases day by day. The advantage of both saws are almost the same, but corded is a modern form of the saw.

Powerful Division in Reciprocating Saw

Power divided the saw into two categories, the cordless saw has the light power and it performs the hose-based project in an accurate way while in the case of the corded one these saws are coming in market with high power and best for performing high duty project.

Versatility in Reciprocating Saw

The versatility of the saw depending on the performance of the saw, and the performance depends on the power of supply so the versatility indirectly links with the power supply. If the power supply is high then the performance of the saw is best and saw has high caliber. While selected that saw which has a high caliber of performance, it may be corded or cordless. Usually corded are meet with high performance. 

Convenient Reciprocating Saw

If the saw is reliable and convenient in usage then the project will be completed on time with good product quality. So, the working style of saw is smooth and must be accurate, this way users feel relaxes while working on it. 

Value to money

Price is the turning point of the saw-like if the saw is available within a reasonable price with the best features then it is good luck of user. If the saw creates a problem while working on it or may it reduce the quality of the project then there is a total loss of money and it may cause frustration. In the case of the cordless, the prices are usually high so the vote is going the court of the corded one.

Wrapping Up 

This the last portion of our review, in the above portion we discussed the details of the different brands of saws and highlighted the up and down points, and in this portion, we talk just the high light point. There is a brief note on the top listed brands saw. 

DeWalt is best as its name and gives high performance in all ways. The Milwaukee Sawzall and Makita are both going in a parallel way but they are less then DeWalt in some points. We best our duty well to know about all the points are clear and it will be helpful for you. SKIL is best for financial status as it comes with features at a fair price.

WEN is at the last of the list it is not applicable for professional jobs and somehow hone-based projects are done with it.

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