5 Best Scroll Saws Reviews In 2020

Now the world is a sales marketing world, it is difficult to make a decision which one best and why it is best. To answer all these questions that make you confuse, this article helps you make the right one choice. Best Scroll saw is not make the precise cuts, to overcome this problem different markets launch the models which compete with each other in different aspects. 

5 Best Scroll Saws Reviews In 2020

Different factors are taken into account while buying a saw-like cutting ability, power, blades type, stability, price, portability, etc. this review covers all the points and gives a comprehensive note on all these brands. Before making a decision just have look at this review, it helps you in making the right decision and select the best scroll saw by NowTopReview.


It gives the information about all features and price as well as possible, you just go market and have look which model meets your need and select that one without any problem. It is not 100 percent sure but it helps you make the first step easier.

1. DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw


scroll saw



DeWalt is the most famous and well-known brands for dealing with different items. However, DeWalt is not producing the DeWalt DW788 scroll saw but this time it makes it possible and lunches their model in markets.  This model introduces different features and it performs the delicate cutwork.

The brand always launches the best staff in the market and this saw is from the best category. This saw introduces the very different and unique feature which gives the amazing performance like a parallel-link arm which gives the smooth and sharps cuts and it is possible when your saw is free from vibrations and also reduces the noise and this feature makes it possible.

The other feature is a dust blower that collects the dust and any other dust particles from the workbench and cleans the area then you will work with peace and cool environment. This is good for worker health and is best for safety.  Its infrastructure is special and cool and gives the neat and sharps cuts. But it is an expensive one.

The best structure of saw is its all feature is located in the front table and in this saw the on-off switch, speed dial flexible dust blower, and blade-tension lever are fixed on the front upper arm. The arm position is designed in that way it facilitates the worker and reduces the arm movement and makes the work quick.

Its blades are designed in a special way it makes the threaded inside-cuts of the material. This saw has an amazing structure that allows to makes the cut and mover all over the direction. It’s cutting style is unique, the blade is at the perpendicular position and which makes the smooth and sharps cuts.

This model is easy to handle and easy to maintain. The speed dial varies the speed according to the material and project nature. The dial speed range is 400 to 1750 strokes per minute. It has a tool-free blade change system that reduces the worker headache; it is a very painful action during working hours.

DeWalt DW788 ships with 56-pounds weight and it performs professional projects in an efficient manner. Its design is compact and easy to move and not require an additional tool. This is secure with a 3-years warranty package and it makes them attractive to the customer.

It performs the makes the thread inside cuts, if you want a perfect piece then it is the best choice. Well, there are some down points like it is expensive one and blades tilt slightly while working on it and it is difficult to make the cuts at 90 degrees. But overall it is best.


2.  Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw


delta scroll saw



Shop Fox W1713 is the runner-up saw and it has an attractive feature, outstanding brand. However, there are some features that made it perfect and lovable, but in the same way, it is not popular as DeWalt, due to some reasons. In a parallel way, there are some features that made it marvelous and cool because it’s cutting ability and working style is better.

It is not the first choice but it’s working style is excellent, its working power is in progress. This is the simplest tool with an easy operating system and simple and smooth features. You may do best while working on it, the features and blades system same as uses in brands and it compete with other brands.

The blades system is quite easy and removal of blades without any hurdle you may perform. There are different ways to use it like it offers the pinned and unpinned blades you may select which option is best for scrolling. There is a list of features like LED, dust blower, speed dial, light indicator, and blades types.

Light or LED is the excellent feature of a saw because it makes highlights the area of working in dark or minimum light. This may help you from any accident or cuts while working on it. The working on it is very critical it makes the precise and delicate cuts due to all these factors light is the most important feature to handle this situation.

Another factor is dust blowers its function is to remove the dust and dust particles and garbage of the wood and collects all these dust and drop into the hole which is implant on the machine. It helps to keep clean and neat the working area and you only focus on the work.

The blades system is a very important and critical point of the tool because all work depends on the blades if it works well then, the product is best and it makes the dealer happy. The speed dial which maintains the speed of the blades according to the demand or wood types. The speed range between the 400-1750 strokes per minute and the speed may be slow down and it offers a variety of cuts and increase the demand and work range. 

This saw also has a specially designed saw that pivots from front to back to cut down on the overall movement. This helps to produce smoother results, and it is also quieter than most saws. The DeWalt DW788 keeps the saw blade perpendicular which will cut down on overcutting and is cutting.

It also comes with variable speed and high caliber, the controls ranging from 400 to 1750 strokes per minute. Whenever you have the ability to slow down or speed up, it gives you an increased range of options on how you cut for each project.

The structure of the saw is simple, compact and its pivots cuts from front to back and gives the smooth and sharps results. In the case of DeWalt, the blades at the perpendicular position and allows the cuts whatever the material is used.

The weight of this saw is about 56 pounds which allows performing heavy-duty projects and easy to move from one place to another. There is no need to change the blades with the tool and its warranty is about the 3-years maximum and this is enough for any tool.

3.  WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw


variable speed scroll saw



Every brand or company is best in every tool or equipment and there is a different variety in every respect. Expensive and latest models are available in the market but WEN 3920 is available at half price with exclusive features and in an affordable range.

This brand is trustworthy with cool and attractive features, loaded with exciting options. Why I like it due to its affordable price and good features. The blade capacity allows us to makes cuts in all directions and provides the work variety. 

WEN 3920 has the special cutting system and trendy style, the working style just awesome you can also perform not only due projects but also complete DIY projects as well. It has the power to make cuts within 2-inches thick material and has clamp hold down to control the speed and stop immediately in the critical or accidental situation.

Observation shows that it prevents the sliding and moving while working on it and give a smooth working place. The dial speed range is about 400 t0 1600 per minute and set according to the requirements somehow material requires a fast speed while some need slow and steady speed. This the unique and cool feature of this saw.

The design is built with a dual blade and speed up projects and complete it within due time. Its table bevels up to 45 degrees with 16-by-11-inch-thick from left to right in standard position. 

The cool features are like thumbscrew blade adaptor and tool-free blade change system and the base casting totally is iron cast which made it strong and attractive to provide a strong and steady base for working.

LED light lamp visualize the all working area and blades to makes cut in a precise manner. While working on it this feature helps to make the work in a more accurate way and it may help you working dim light.

Dust blow port helps to keep the working area clean and keep healthy the lings of a worker by sucking the dust particles and wood extra and maintain a healthy and clean environment.

It comes with a 2-years warranty in the market but the low point is poor inbuilt and the blade switch point is so week.


4. Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw


best scroll saw



Shop Fox power tools w1713-16 is the second last in this list with a number of features and affordable price makes it perfect scroll saw https://nowtopreview.com/best-scroll-saw-reviews/.  You may prefer it due to some factors like its speed dial, the structure of the machine, the air blow pump, etc. this brand is trust-worthy and lunches the valuable tool in the market. 

First is its speed dial which may vary the speed according to the material and work nature. The speed dial is electronic you just click r dictate it and you are free and it works it without any problem. 1750 to 400 SPM speed range and adjusted on the instruction which you dictate it.

There is a lot of variety which is offered by it and you make different projects without any burden and reduce the vibrations of the table. The vibration of the table is a very critical point that lows the quality of the machine and it directly affects the work and gives low-quality projects. Its table tilt makes the machine makes cut from any direction and gives a unique product.

The blade change system is very easy and it done within seconds. The left-arm helps to reduce the vibrations and work in a parallel fashion. The price of this saw is very cool and in the affording range, you may buy it easily from your budge and in return, it gives you remarkable results that manage its price. 

The cutting system is precise and accurate, dial speed makes the projects in time and saves time and money. The space storage makes it favorite it keeps the accessories and blades safe and helps to maintain the sharpness of blades.

Dust air pump helps to maintain a healthy and eco-friendly environment. There is no need to concern about the dirty workplace because the air pump sucks all the dust particles and maintain to keep the environment clean and tidy.

 This is the latest model with upgraded features that compete with other brands and it keeps to make it trendier and more unique within the low price by performing the projects in a precise manner. It is shipped with 60-pounds and provide the large table 16*24 inches and cuts the woodblocks 21/8-inch easily.

The warranty for this tool is 5-years and it is valuable. The low point is the stand and light lamp are buying separately and due to this point make it costly and out of budget.

5. PORTER-CABLE PCB375SS 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand


Scroll Saw with stand




The Porter-Cable PCB 375SS this the last piece of the list. This model is best for DIYers and house-based projects and it is not suitable for large. You make the precise and accurate cuts with this tool. It provides the aluminum cast with a dual tilt table and it allows to makes the cuts from different directions.

The table is patented with readings that give accurate readings and work in a convenient way. Tool-less blades make the projects quick and fast and attain the goal within time.  LED is a built-in adjustable work lamp for illuminating the work area and visible the blades while working on it.

The dial speed range varies from 500 to 1500 SFM and it is controlled through a control knob, adjusted according to the material. However, all these features made it valuable but its unstable platform makes the value down it and it is the overall faulty piece for heavy-duty projects.  The bevel degree is 45 and it makes cut from left to right at 45-degree.

There is a lot of flaws that make it down like it is very expensive, the working style is not well and the price is so high. LED is available but its adjustment is critical you may want to brighten it not possible and makes work is a burden.

At slow speed, its working is not smooth while you want to slow down then it makes the rough cuts. Survey reports show the brakes are faster than other ones and it is week points. This saw has a low standard structure and it is required a lot of time to start it and use it because its manual instruction is slow and poor.

Scroll Saws Points that consider while buying

Survey reports and some experience show that there is no need for scroll saw and it is a biased statement because every tool or equipment is expert in some projects in anyhow to portion and it is useful. This statement is usually wrong because this is lunch in the market on their best quality of performance and on-demand.

They give prices and accurate cuts. A lot of different and unique features are introducing in it like its blades are not work continuously. It is a trendy machine and makes the cuts unique.  If you buy it then it makes your life is easy and changed and you attached to it.

There is a discussion about it all features and made a review that changed your point of view about it and our main goal to introduce you with the latest and upgraded features.

Table Structure

If you are looking for a machine first you look at its structure and the first thing you notice is its table. There are three main points are kept in mind about the table is its size, material, and durability.  The large table provides more space to perform your heavy projects and you carry the accessories that are used during making cuts.

The texture or material that is used in the making of the table is smooth and reduce the resistance. The scroll saw is lunch with a sturdy table and it reduces the vibrations while working on it. If the table is on vibration mode then it affects the work but its solid table helps to make the work in a smooth and stable environment. The durability makes the strong table and usually, iron or aluminum cast is used for the table.

The scroll saw arm

Saw arm helps to maintain the steady and stable motion of the table and blade during working hours. Some models are launched with the parallel-link arm which holds the blades on its standard position and reduces the resistance. Solid arm goes from front to back and handle the movement.

This is tricky while handling delicate work and their structure is friendly budge. Smaller arms are preferable and if it is adjustable then it helps to determine the type of material and provide less vibration like DeWalt, Delta is best for accommodate.

Throat size of scroll saw

The very first and new feature is introducing in the saw is throat size. Throat size measures the distance between the front of the blade to the back blade-like a 16-inch scroll saw or 30-inch scroll saw. Why it is important or what is the main purpose of this feature? 

Whatever, the size of the throat it cut the wood with double size. For example, a 20-inch scroll saw cuts the 40-ich wood. Before selecting the scroll saw it makes sure how the longer project will you perform and according it to select the right one saw that is best for your work. This is the best and exclusive feature of the scroll saw.

Reliable Blades

There is a different variety of blades are used which are used in saw. In the case of scroll saw there are two types of the blades are used

  1. Pinned blade
  2. Unpinned blade

Pinned blades are used to make the rough cuts and deals with thick material. Unpinned blades are available in a variety and it is also called pinless blades. It allows to cuts the wood and makes the fine cuts and would you like the tighter one then it is perfect.

The choice of the blade is according to your need which one best for you accommodate in your saw. While talking about blades, it is also important to consider whether you can change the blade with or without tools. Most of the newer saws come with easy blade transitions. 

The most important discussion about tool or saw is the changing of the blades, such a painful act for changing a blade after a while of time. The trendy or stylo saws are lunch in the market with a tool-free blade change system. This feature makes the use of saw is simple and quick.

The storage of the tool is blade storage, in working place there is a lot of things that make it messy and you search the blade-like to search the needle in the sea. If the storage box is along with saw then this problem is overcome.

There is the proper way of switching the blade if in an accident situation you can easily switch the blade and protect yourself from the accident. 

Variable speed control

The speed control system plays an important role in the working of a saw. Sometimes in a project the work is very tricky you need the slow speed at some point and in the next turn, you need fast speed, speed dial makes it possible. For right cut or in deliciated work the dial speed plays a very crucial role.

The power is directly connected with the speed control if the power is supply in heavy voltage the speed is also increased. The powerful saw cuts the thicker wood easily and makes the work perfect. To deal with heavy material the speed of saw should be in control. For dealing with the house-based project or lightweight work then the speed is controlled in slow mode.

Other extra features

The additional feature like LED and dust air pump. The working place varies like sometimes the work is performed in daylight or in some cases it is performed in dark or in dim light than LED play an important rule. If light falls proper on the blade then the direction of the blade is clear, there is no chance to get injured or something happens bad.

You see the blades and material clearly. The second one is the dust blower pump, its basic purpose to clean the environment. The health of the user is very important and this feature is eco-friendly and provides a clean and healthy environment for working.

If the dust is present in the air, it is a serious issue for the user as it damages the user’s lungs and leading to a serious issue. It also helps to keep the air clean and tidy, and clean up the mess and keep relaxed the user. There is a variety of dust blowers like fixed and adjustable.

A fixed air blow just sucks the dust particles while adjustable clean the air and workbench also.

Wrapping Up

Our heartiest effort to keep up to date and give the latest information about the upgraded models. This article helps to choose the best scroll saw and feel too proud of your choice. There are some tricky and valuable points are shared hopefully they helped you make the right selection.

This review covers all the points like power, performance, cutting-ability, blades power and types, financial status, etc. This portion of the article give a short note on the main and important feature of the scroll saw in which based these are categories. For example; DeWalt DW788 is at the top of the list as it is eco and user-friendly and gives a marvelous performance to the user.

Its features are just awesome and outclass like its cutting ability, blades working and dust blower shows that this brand is taken care of the health of the customer. WEN 3920 is best as financial status, it offers the best performance at the fair price.

It is best for the customer’s budget and comes with parallel link arms and the additional feature is LED light that helps customers observe the blade work directly. This feature helps to avoid meet any accident and you can also perform work in dim light as well. If you select for light jobs then there is no need to worry about your pocket.

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