Best Table Saw Push Block Reviews And Buying Guide in 2019

Turning a big piece of wood trunk into attractive furniture or a handy craft piece is an n art. This process requires cutting, routing and some other steps to make it useful and attractive. But the cutting process could be dangerous, especially working with some powerful cutting and routing machines. While cutting a narrow piece the more the closeness of your hand with the blade the more it gets dangerous. So to avoid this problem, I would recommend you the use of TABLE SAW PUSH BLOCK. It is a safety device used with the table saw, routers, power saws, band saws and other cutting and moulding devices. It is use to move the wooden block, sheet from the cutting and routing process. It makes a good grip on the block which makes it easy and safe to move.  The table saw push block comes in different shapes and style regarding to their use. But generally it is classified into two types, push stick and push block. The push stick is only use to move to block forward, where the push block is used to move the block while pressing it down on the table. So before buying a push block check out the list of 10 amazing push blocks given below:


  • POWERTEC 71009 safety push block and stick set:


If you want max level safety in a cheap price then the POWERTEC safety push block and stick set is one of the best options for you. The POWERTEC 71009 comes with 3 push blocks (one large (two hand use) and two small pieces) and 2 push sticks. 

Block Function: The three bocks given makes you’re your easy and safe. By making a good grip on the wood it allows you to maintain a firm and steady forward and downward pressure, and makes easy to control the movement. The two small ones are to be used along with the stick while the big block is convenient to use alone, because of the wide space grip. 

Stick Function: The stick gives an extra safety and allow it to retain the forward flow of the wood. The “l” shaped stick (also called V push stick) allows you to push the whole work piece firmly through the blade, while the standard straight push stock is convenient for working in a narrow space or with the narrow work piece.

You can use these push blocks while cutting, routing, face jointing, ripping plywood, routing  table saws, router tables, shapers and other woodworking applications.

All of these items come in one pack, with a very affordable price of $16 only. So hit the amazon link and order your POWERTEC 71009 right now.


  • Gripper(TM) 200 Advanced System with 1/8:


If you are a precise worker and love to do your work with cleanliness and perfection, then this device is just made for you. The Gripper(TM) 200 is a one handed advanced push block with different adjustments for different work piece. It contains a good grip pad so that the working could get reliable and easy. The gripper TM 200 holds and pushes both sides of the work piece as it is being cut. Another unique thing about this push block is that, while working with the other push blocks, you have to hold the work piece from the side for cutting. But the Gripper TM 200 contains two tunnels (spaces) under it, so when you are cutting your work piece. The blades could pass through these tunnels (under your hand) without hurting your hand. That makes your work more precise and easy.

Another distinct thing in this push block is that, the handle, centre leg & balance support are all fully adjustable, with some detachable components.  The product is available on the amazon site at the range of $84.


  • GRR-RIPPER 3D Push block for Table Saws, Router Tables, Band Saws, and Jointers by MICROJIG:



GRR-RIPPER 3D push block is one the most selling push block in USA. Precise working gets much easier and convenient with the GRR-RIPPER 3D because of its versatility.


Green Grip: Legs under the GRR-RIPPER 3D are covered with a green coloured rubber grip, that allows the worker to retain its grip no matter how much force you apply. You cannot just only use it horizontally, but it also gives a good performance on vertical direction. The kickback problem is eliminated only through this powerful grip.


Precision: The good grip given by the GRR-RIPPER 3D gives you  a full control on your work piece, and just because of that, you can work more precisely, by moving your work piece in any direction during cutting, routing and for other processes. It allows you a magnificent precision of 1/4″ ripping.


Adjustability: All of its versatility comes from its adjustments. Its handle, legs are fully adjustable so that it could be used in any condition. 


3 Direction Force:

The downward force virtually eliminates the kickback.

Inward Keeps stock firmly against the fence.

Forward Controls and feeds both sides of the stock for cleaner cuts.

The GRR-RIPPER 3D is available on amazon at the range of $58.



  • MICROJIG tapering jig ( works with GRR-RIPPER):



Many of the woodworkers gets irritated by marking on their work piece during the cutting process, especially if there’s a repeat process of similar measurement cutting, or with the slight difference of angle. So for those workers MICROJIG tapering jig is the best option. MICROJIG tapering jig is something a bit different from the push block. As given by the name, it is used with the GRR-RIPPER.


When you combine these two products, the precession of work gets incredibly high.

The MICROJIG tapering jig comes is basically used for tapering. Not only the straight tapping, but also a 0-10 degree infinite angled taper adjustment that makes you works much easy and quick. And for the time saving, the two independent memory locks for repeat cutting and tapping shows there marvellous performance in your work. By combining GRR-RIPPERs and the MICROJIG Tapering Jig, you can cut tapers up to 36 inches long.

It comes with an instructional DVD for the further guidance.

The product is available on the Amazon at the range of $107.



  • Safety Push Blocks (2 packs):



Working with two hands gets much easier, then working with one hand. That’s why we present you two duel packs of safety push blocks. A simple orange coloured (one handed) duel packs of safety push blocks makes your work easy and safe to do.

The blocks are made with a good quality non-breakable plastic to survive in every working condition.

If you are working in a small work piece then you can use a single piece of push block, and for the large piece of work, pair of both can be used. One for the forward pressure and the other one for down press.

The safety griper’s pair contains a black rubber grip under them, to get a powerful grip on your work piece. The blocks are convenient for cutting, routing, shaper and gives a full control on moving turning and rotating you work piece.

You can get the pair of these safety push blocks for just $11.95. 



  • GRR-RIP Block Smart Hook Push Block:  



If you are looking for a smart, versatile push block then the GRR-RIP block smart hook block is a good option for you. The Auto-retracting heel technology hooks are the unique thing in these blocks. 


Auto-hooks: the auto-hooks technology allows a good grip along with an additional support that makes it convenient and easy for forward push. So how does that work?  Well, there are 4 heel hooks on the block. That are freely moveable (up and down) when you place it on a flat surface, it goes in automatically, and when you place it on beside of your work piece, it felts down automatically. 


Green Grip: similar to some other Push Blocks the GRR-RIP also comes with a dotted green grip. That makes a powerful grip on your work piece. 


The 90 degree side support allows you to work horizontally as well as vertically. You can get it from the Amazon for $24.






This is something different from a push board. But although it is a very useful thing. You often have to mark on your work piece and while cutting according to our mark without nay support, it is very difficult to cut it with precision. So to resolve this problem, MILESCRAFT 1406 FEATHERBOARD is a better option. 


It is a multi-material medium sized piece of support, it have a comb like 14 legs on the right side of it that are a bit contain 5/8″ And 3/4″ Metal mitre bars fit all standard mitre slots So it’s working is like that it have a metallic bar and two screws on it. You have to place that metallic bar in the space given in the table saw, then place this feather board on it and thigh in the screws so that it gets fixed on one place ( before fixing the feather board, take the measurement according to your desired size) then start cutting your work piece. All mounting hardware included for nearly any operation 3/4 and 5/8-inch wide mitre bars and T-slot bolts for applications on most standard table saws, Router tables, and fences


What will these feathers do? These feathers are bit diagonal so when your work piece is passing through the cutting blades, the feathers because of their flexibility make your work piece to go in a straight line. The second thing is that they will push the work piece to keep it in touched with the wall of the table that the cut should go precisely. 

Because of its unique design, the kick back factor gets completely resolved. The product is available on the Amazon for just $13.5.

The final thoughts:

Well! To cut anything you need something sharp, whether it is a soft thing like fruit or something hard like martial. The cutter is always made by a sharp. Cutting a wood takes place with something very sharp and powerful. We see many cases of injuries that just take place by this cutter during woodwork. As the machine/cutter gets more powerful the accident of getting injured also rise.

A smart person will always first follow the safety precautions first, before working on this powerful machine. So for woodworkers PUSH BLOCKS are as much neccacery as they could imagine. Because more the closeness of your hand to the machine the more it gets dangerous. 

Many kinds of push blocks are available in the market, you can select among them according to your need and budget. For example, if you only work on a horizontal cutting table then you could choose a pair of SAFETY PUSH BLOCKS that are cheap, and easy to use. Although they comes in good quality. But if you are working on both horizontal and vertical table then you can get access to the GRR-RIP Block Smart Hook Push Block or the GRR-RIPPER 3D Push block. That are a bit expensive but there versatility could help you enough in your work. And if you like to do you’re with an extreme precession then the MICROJIG tapering jig is one of the best option for precise working and time and effort saving.

You cannot just only you these push blocks for cutting purposes, but they are also very helpful for routing, shaping, tapering and many other cutting and designing purposes.

These push blokes allows you to work with confidence, precision and safety. The grip on your work piece provided by these push blocks allows you to work accordingly to your designers and satisfaction. 


Safety first: working to close to this cutting and routing blades could be harmful for you. Through these push blocks your hand stay away from the blade. And the magical thing is that, some push blocks work in this way that the blade passes through under your hand without touching it.

Precision: almost every want to work with precision so that his clients could get satisfied. When you have a fear of getting harm during your work, it is very difficult to focus on the cleanliness of your work. By using these push blocks you’re your precision and accuracy of the work can upgrade to the next level. 

So keep yourself save and precise, and grip your push block right now.

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