Best Tile Saws To Buy in 2020 Full Guide

This section of the review helps to remind the specific feature to the model of Best tile saw before selecting the perfect piece. We discuss some point in details that helps out to make the right decision to find the best one. We also provide to the review and buying a guide about Tile saw.

Best Tile Saws To Buy in 2020

Theoretically, All models are perfect in their aspects but in practical which model is feasible and accurate, then users make the decision, and this detail is given by expertise and survey reports provide. There is a comprehensive note on the advantage and disadvantages of the tile saw.


1. DEWALT D24000S Wet Tile Saw – Our Top Pick


Tile Saw with Stand



DeWalt is a famous and outstanding brand that produces high-quality equipment.  DeWalt D24000 model is one of the tools of the DeWalt brand with versatile style and high cutting ability and allows us to make precise cuts. This tile saw structure is a deal to both of the heavy-duty projects as a well DIY project.

Probably, it is costly but it’s cutting style is quite different and easy to handle. Cutting capacity of the tile saw rip cut 25-28 inches with plunge and 18-inch x 18-inch diagonal cut on the tile saw. The cutline indicator and stainless-steel rollers help to stable the saw and give the precise cuts within 1/32inch over an 18inch cut.

The blade of this saw is made of steel and it is solid and strong with 0.06inch thick. You can easily deal with any type of material. Shipped with only 69 pounds and in two portions, includes D24000 saw and D24001 stand and its compact structure help to easily transport and give enough place for storage. 

It makes the accurate cuts at the 45-degree with dual water nozzles. Plunge feature offers the user to make plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C registers. This feature makes this saw is valuable and outstanding.                              

The market value of this saw is very high due to its performance and features, motor power is 1.5 hp with a 3-years warranty and a 1-year free service that makes it attractive, plus point in its price and this power makes it ideal for heavy-duty jobs. One outstanding and unique feature is a water nozzle like a well-designed containment system and drains plug. 

While everything is not perfect and gives 100 % in return, there always some flaws are present, some down points also present in it. Price is a highlighted point because it is launched from an established brand. It is not eco-friendly as it’s motor power is so high and it makes a lot of noise, it is taken into account at a low point. Small and hone-based projects are not done by it, over skill for this type of project.


2. Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower Tile Saw – Editor Choice


Industrial Tile Brick Saw



Tile saws is used to cut the hard material like its name shows it deals with stones, bricks, etc. The Chicago electric is very similar to DeWalt D24000S as in its working and performance because it also deals with tiles or stones. This model also similar to the previous one in features.

The cutting ability of this model is amazing and it makes cut up to 24 inches with an adjustable head. The cutting head control by a dial like it set according to the tile or material. The Chicago Electric also features a 3 gallon per minute water pump that will ensure water is continually sprayed while you are making precise cuts on tile or brick.

It also comes with an oversized steel frame with a precision bar system to help with difficult cuts. The powerful 15-amp 2.5 horsepower engine will help cut through the toughest brick or tile, and the heavy-duty cast aluminum prevents vibration.

There is also a dual water nozzle system and this feature makes it unique and cool in the application, three-gallon water pump the water at the rate of per minute and spray on the material and helps to give the accurate cuts. The structure of this model is made of steel that gives a strong base to deal with any hard material without any hurdle.

The motor power is 15-amp with 2.5 hp which deals with the bricks also. The aluminum casting helps to perform the heavy-duty project. This type of saw is used in the construction site.

This saw gives you a good quality product and chooses this saw you make a good decision. It is also adjustable as a financial status. But some down points also exit like it is not shipped withstand, the structure of it is not compact and there is no plunge cutting feature. All these features become low the quality of this saw.


3. SKIL 3540-02 – Best tile saw the value to money


7-Inch Wet Tile Saw



As usual, it also offers some outstanding features that make it place at the top of the list saw. The texture of this saw stainless steel that gives enough power to deal with tiles or bricks and cut the tile 12×12 inches without any problem and give the fine finish work. But there is an extension to cut the tile up to 18 x 18 inches and enhance the cutting ability.

It is shipped with 24 pounds and provides the east set up and is in a manageable form, easy to lift up and comes in a lightweight category and you can deal with it with strong material. Hydro lock system makes it perfect the water system very close to the blade and spray the water on the tile and remove the tile or brick debris and allow to cool the blade and prevent overheating and it offers the three-gallon water. 

This model comes with an adjustable rip fence with a miter gauge that allows giving the straight cut. The bevel cut offers at the 0-45 degree with strong material. The cross-cut capacity like 7.75 inches and the diagonal cut capacity is 7.25 inches offered by this model. The water pump can also be removed according to the need and easy to clean this tool. The power system is not supported and it is in a very weak position.

Overall, this model is best for the DIY project as it gives the small cuts that are usually required for house-based projects but somehow it also perform the heavy-duty projects as well. This comes in the market with a 3-years warranty. 


4.  MK-370EXP Wet Cutting Tile Saw


Wet Cutting Tile Saw



The MK Diamond MK-370EXP comes in market with the lightest weight model, lowest price and easy to carry and move from one place to another. It shipped with the 33-pounds weight with a stand and easy to set up and assemble. Light and portable makes it perfect and gives the highest professional specifications

Hinged blade guard provides the change of the blade system very easy and quick and gives the sophisticate maintenance inspection. This model is built at a 45-degree miter system easy to set up. The plunge capability cutting the outlets and other openings very quick and easy in a cool way and gives the variation of the head cutting system.

The blade diameter is 5/8-inches with a chrome-plated linear guide bar that provides smooth cutting and it also supports the straight cutting and gives the precise and accurate cut.

The motor power of this model is 1 ¼ hp with a zinc-plated steel frame that also deals with solid material. It allows making the cut at the 2-inch-deep at the 45 degrees and 18 inches in length with 13 inches cut at the diagonal position. This the cutting pattern of this saw.

The look or structure of this model is very cool and smart and it also offers to makes the cut from the thickest material. The safety measure of this model is very strong and easy to switch off the saw in an accidental situation.


5. QEP 22400Q Torque Master Tile Saw


Torque Master Tile Saw



The QEP 22400Q is the last piece of the list and why it is placed at the bottom of the list due to some reason that makes it fall at the last. The number of vibrations is very loud of this model and when it is in running position, not stable in a position without any solid support you cannot make the accurate cut. 

This model is lunch with ¾ motor power with an 8inch lengthy table that deals with large tiles. The hinged cutting table makes the miter cut at 22.5 and 45 degrees. The QEP blade is a rim diamond-cut blade with 4 inches diameter, rip guide and angle guide at clip-on extension table.

It is easy to cut the ceramic; marble stone etc. lightweight and portability make it move from one place to another.

The structure of this model is very ordinary and not specific, the only diamond blade is precious and the rest of the structure is very simple and general. The body structure of this model made by plastic that gives the false look.

This model is in an affordable range with the water pump and the pump of this model is has a capacity to refill with two-gallon water. The pipes of the pump are ABS plastic. But overall it is not feasible for professional jobs, small projects are easily performed with it.

Power Source of Tile Saw

Power engine or motor power decide which tool or machine is feasible for professional or simple projects. If the power supply is sufficient then the heavy-duty project is performed without any problem in a steady manner. If the power is in a limited range then it is difficult to perform the high duty project. Power helps to make the project fast and deliver the completed task on time and produce a good quality product. The best motor power of the tile saw is 1.5 hp, with this range of the material give enough capacity of a saw tile to deal with the hard material like stone, brick, marble, and ceramics, etc.

You definitely want to choose a motor that will be able to cut through any tile, as you don’t want to come up short when you are trying to finish a project. That is why I recommend that you choose a motor with at least one horsepower, but I prefer the 1.5 horsepower or the 2.5 horsepower myself.

The user wants the best performance and for this type of machine, the high-power tool is required. But in the market, some branded lunch the tile saw with the lowest power saw like 1.5 hp and 2.5 hp that are not enough to perform as professional work.

Tile Saw Portability and storage

Portability is a very important and crucial point in the technical world, if the machine is portable then it makes the work easy and relaxed. You can easily to move at your destination and work on it in a peaceful environment. Portability not only feasible for work but it also reduces the rent of transport.

Portability as well as storage give the saw a new look and makes it valuable. This model of tile saw is driven by a one-person and it helps to reduce the labor and only handed by the user without the help of any other person. Its structure is very unique and compact and helps to move from one place to another with enough storage that helps to keep the extra things on it. The stand provides the space to keep the blades or another accessory that is used during cutting the tiles. You can easily perform the cutting work on it in a cool way and makes precise cuts.

The table saw gives a stable position for working the saw and the table is adjusted at the height of the need and it prevents the user from bending and work in a stable and comfortable position.

Perfect Cutting Ability

This saw is coming with the plunge cutting feature that makes it cool and unique and without this feature the wet tile saw is nothing. It the first thing that is taken into account for the purchasing of the tile saw through This helps to make the cut at the electrical outlet or another opening of the material.

The casting or structure of the saw helps to perform the heavy-duty projects like the steel or aluminum casting is perfect for holding the professional jobs. There is a variety of angles are offered by the saws to allow the user to makes cut at a different degree with an accurate manner, helps to make the easy setup and assemble with types of the blade.

Cutting ability is to deal with any type of material whatever the size of the material doesn’t matter, makes the precise cut. Due to this type of feature this model gives the verity of the option to make the right decision.

Water source

This very new and unique feature introduced in the tile saw as the name of the saw indicates there is some connection of water is present, there is a dual water nozzle system is installed. This feature helps to keep the tile or table clean from the dust or debris of material that creates the mess and makes the table dirty.

The refill of the water is a very painful or time-consuming step. So, to overcome this situation there is a gallon of water is available to refill the water nozzle without time-wasting and perform the project in a steady and smooth way.

This helps to prevent the blade from overheating like continues working on it makes the blade hot and it directly affects the product quality and slows down the project. But this factor eliminates all these factors and makes the perfect.

Wrapping Up

This the last portion of the review it helps to make a good decision without any confusion. The concluded part discusses very important and tricky points in a short note. DeWalt D24000S is at the top of the list due to its performance and features. The plunge cutting ability makes it best, and a compact and unique structure helps to deal with any type of material easily.

SKIL 3540-02 is best for money it offers the best feature at the best price. You can easily perform a simple task on it because it’s motor power is enough to deal with the simple project easily. This review recommends it for its price as well as its feature and performance for dealing with the light project.

The different branded is in the struggle to introduce the new and latest model with the new features that help to make the project very easy and saves from time-consuming and give the 100 % output and makes to new upgraded features to install in the Best Tile Saws. This review helps to read a dozen of the article or other stuff like this you just have a look of this and make the right decision.

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